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Touch Proof Adapters, Jumper, Connectors, Extension cables

Adapters, jumpers, connectorsTouch proof Adapter and Jumper

Itemnr. Description Price
T21-008 Double 'Female' adapter (see: 1), in: 2 mm pin, out: DIN 42 802. Set of 25 Pieces. Colour 149,00 
T22-008 Female/'Male adapter (see: 2). in: DIN 42-802, out: 2 mm pin. Set of 25 Pieces.  149,00 
T11-c06 DIN 42 802 Jacks (see: 3).  Set of 10 Pieces. Colour 39,00 
T12-c06 DIN 42 802 Jacks (see: 4). 7,9 mm diameter, 32 thread, Set of 10 Pieces. Colour 28,50 
T30-c01 Electrode linkers/Jumpers (see: 5). Use to connect two electrodes on a touch proof (DIN 42 802) head box. Colour(Price each! Other colours on request, also available with 2 mm pin connector) 9,00 
14572x DIN 42-802 Add on connector, 10/pkg Choose colour: 28,50
MCOAX MicroCoax connector forQuickAmp, TMSI amplifier like REFA, incl. shrink socket 6,75  
TMSI4 4-pole binder connector for bipolar inputs on QuikAmp and some TMSI amplifier 9,50  
TMSI5 5-pole binder connector for AUX Aux channels on QuickAmp, V-Amp and some TMSI amplifiers 11,50  
15.0010 Angle Socket for earth potential balancing, POAG-KBT6DIN, for 6 mm cable (4mm on request) 12,50



Itemnr. Description Price
145100 extension cables,1 meter long, with DIN 42 802 to DIN 42 802, Set of 5 Pieces. different colours. 85,00
20103 Cable with on one side a sealed DIN 42 802 (1.5 mm Touch proof) connector and open ended on the other side, 1.5 meter length. color: 3,75  
Z93-631 ECG Snapleads, set of 5 cables, 1.5 meter, each snap connector in a differenet color, DIN 42802 connector 39,50  
MBSY3 Cable with 3 snaps, total length 2 meter 70,00  
MBSY5 Cable with 5 snaps, total length 2 meter 100,00  
KR4BDIN Cable,1.5 meter, Female 1.5 mm Touch Proof (DIN 42802) to 4mm pin 7,50  
BEC102 Set of10 cables, DIN 42 802 (Touch proof) to 95,00  
H02.22.00 Earth potential balancing cable  2 meter long 75,00  
H02.25.00 Earth potential balancing cable, 5 meter long 85,00  
15.2015 Earth Potential balancing cable, without connectors, flexible, green/yellow, 6mm, per meter (4 mm on request) 7,50  



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