MedCaT was founded in the year 2000, where it started as a small one man medical appliances dealer focussed on selling medical equipment. To this day, MedCaT is still increasing its variety of product categories, specialized products and accessoires for medical, research and therapy applications; from bitalino kits up to high spec EEG systems. Our main goal is to support our customers with a large range of high quality products while maintaining a flexible and customer focussed service.

MedCaT currently sells equipment and accessories for neurodiagnostics (EEG, EMG, TMS), vascular diagnostics (TCD, ABI), research (EEG, EEG in fMRI, TDCS, TMS) and neurofeedback and biofeedback. We have offices in The Netherlands (HQ), Belgium and Germany, but ship accessories from our online webshop worldwide.

MedCaT headquarters

Main aspects

The main philosophy within MedCaT can best be described with the following aspects: