MedCaT is an international company specialised in medical equipment. It was founded in the year 2000, where it started as a small one man medical appliances dealer focussed on selling medical equipment. To this day, MedCaT is still increasing its variety of product categories, specialized products and acce...


MedCaT has a webshop through which it sells accessories for i.e. neurodiagnostics, vascular diagnostics, research equipment and neurofeedback and biofeedback systems. MedCaT ships its accessories worldwide. Please use our contact form if you have any questions regarding the shipment of the products.

Medical products and services

MedCaT is specialized in high quality medical and research equipment and mainly sells its products within the Benelux. This includes EEG systems for neurology and research, EMG, PSG, LTM, ECG, CTG, IONM and TCD equipment. MedCaT is also dealer of the food supplement 'Arterial formulation' and provides many clinical services besides selling medical equipment and (corresponding) accesories.

Medical devices (Benelux)
MedCaT medical devices Open product overview
Equipment that we sell within the Benelux.

Research (Benelux)
MedCaT brain research Open product overview
Hardware and Software for Brain Research available within the Benelux.

Viasonix Falcon Pro (NL / DE / UK)
MedCaT viasonix falcon pro NL http://medcat.de/produkte/falcon DE products/falcon EN

Pheripheral Vascular Testing with the Viasonix Falcon. Up to 10 cuffs, segmental pressure & ABI, PPG, PVR and other tests.

EMSE (Europe)
MedCaT EMSE More information
Software for source localization and Medical Imaging. EEG/MEG/MRI/PET/CT, 3D visualisation, segmentation, registration, source localization (Dipole, Loreta, current source density, BEM, FEM), Electrode localizer.

Clinical services
MedCaT clinical services More information
Clinical services for Pharmaceutical CNS studies & Neuromarketing.

Maintenance and service

With specialization and expertise in the field of ICT, applied physics, electronics and medical technology, our employees can not only help with installing the software and hardware, but can also make fast and targeted repairs possible. Our priority is to help our customers as soon as possible and make repairs possible on site.