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 EMG Accessories

Bar Electrode with velcro strapBar Electrode with Strap

This product consists of two durable stainless steel disk electrodes with 8 mm (0.31") diameters and 30 mm (1.18") spacing. The electrode holder features a feed-through for the fixation of the Velcro strap. The electrode is coded for polarity. One adjustable Velcro strap is included. De cable has a length of 1 meter (40"). The cable terminates in a connector of choice.

Itemnr P10-4z1
Price each: EUR 62,-  

Bipolar Felt Pad Electrode

Bipolar Felt pad electrodeOur bipolar felt pad electrode is available with an adjustable Velcro strap. The product consists of two versatile and convenient stimulating electrodes. The surface stimulating electrode consists of two 8 mm (0.31") felt pads in a stainless steel holder.

The spacing between the tips is 25 mm (1.0"). Each electrode is coded for polarity. The felt pad tips should be soaked in a normal saline solution for a few minutes, before a small amount of gel is applied. Four felt pads are included in the electrode package. The 1.00 meter (40") cable terminates in a choice of connectors.

Itemnr P20-4z1
Price each: EUR 74,- 

Bipolar Felt Pad Electrode, connector: 

Order now:
Itemnr P90-006: Set of 10 replacement Felt Pads, Price: EUR 6,00, Qty.:

Velcro strapsVelcro® Straps

The Velcro straps are designed so that you can flexibly adapt their size. This provides comfort to the patient while holding electrodes securely. Straps may be attached to each other for large limb applications. The size is 0.02 meter (0.79") x 0.55 meter (22"). There are 3 straps per package.

Itemnr P80-002
Price per set: EUR 15,-

Small stimulation ElectrodeSmall Stimulation Electrode

Ideal for pediatric studies and blink-reflex testing. Each miniature hand-held stimulating electrode features a "double banana" plug and tip spacing of 12.7 mm (0.5"). The overall cable length is 1.00 meter (40"). Comes standard with a DIN 42 802 Connector (safety Din/Touch proof)

Itemnr P30-431
each: EUR 37,50 

Ring Electrodes

Ring ElectrodeThese ring electrodes are used for sensory nerve stimulation or recording. Conductive gel should be used on each ring. The product consists of two adjustable "noose" electrodes with separate red and black silicon coated wires, terminating in one of the selected connectors. The ring electrodes are packed as a pair and available in durable stainless steel and also in gold-plated version. The cable length is 1 meter

Stainless Steel:

Itemnr Q50-lz9
Price each: EUR 54,-

Gold-plated, 1,0 m Cable

Itemnr Q30-4z9
Price each: EUR 63,-

Grounding strap ElectrodeGrounding strap electrode

Grounding "Wrap-around" style electrode, 20 mm (0.79") wide. The 1.5 meter (50") red or green cable or 2.00 meter (80") green cable terminates into one of the connectors. The adult version is 55 cm long and the pediatric version 25 cm.. The connector is a DIN 42 802 connector

Itemnr Gxy-z31
Price each: EUR 53,- 

Length Cable / Color Band:  

Grounding plateGrounding plate

Long lasting 30 mm x 30 mm (1.18" x 1.18") polished stainless steel grounding plate electrode. The 1.25 meter (50") silicone cable terminates in a DIN 42 802 connector

Itemnr G63-531
Price each: EUR 30,-  

Alligator clipsGrounding Alligator Clip

One clip, with 1.00 meter (39") green silicon cable, terminating in a DIN 42 802 connector.

Itemnr Q94-431
Price each: EUR 15,00 


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