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Stimulatie/Recording/GSR Electrodes

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Grass "Beckman" electrodes

Grass / Beckman elektrodenReusable Ag/AgCl electrodes for ECG, EOG, ENG, EMG, GSR and EEG. Available in 2 sizes (20 mm and 11 mm diameter) in sets of 5 pieces, with a 1.5 meter lead (60"). Attaches to the skin with double sided adhesive rings. Grass recommends Signa Gel

Price per set: EUR 250,-  

Schuler surface electrodes

schuler oppervlakte elektroden 145611Reusable Ag/AgCl  surface electrodes. Can be attached with double sided adhesive rings. DIN 42082 connector

Order number 145611: Contact-area 5 mm, cable 1 meter:

Price each: EUR 30,-  
Diameter:   5mm

schuler oppervlakte elektrode 145612Order number 145612: Contact-area 10mm, cable 2 meter

Price per set: EUR 35,-  
Diameter:   10 mm


Reusable EEG/ECG Electrodes with press-stud

Snap elektroden BrainquiryThese electrodes are used with equipment from Brainquiry and Nexus, but are generally usable. The electrodes have a press-stud and are to be used with snap leads. The blue ring is detachable. Electrodes can be used with Ten20 or double sided adhesive rings. The electrodes are limited reusable. The material is Ag/AgCl . Sold in sets of 10 pieces.

Price per set: EUR 5,00  
Order number: BQEL1

Simple finger electrode for GSR

Ag/AgCl electrode with press-stud in  velcro strap. Sold individually.

Price each: EUR 4,00  
Order number: GSR-3

Disposable finger electrode

Foam Strip (9.8 cm x 2,2 cm). For use with gel (TD-246). 16 mm diameter gel reservoir, 10mm contact. Adhesive. with press-stud. (fits any  snapleads)New! TDE-401 Finger Electrode Strip

Price per pack (50 pcs): EUR 30,00  
Order number: TDE-401

Adhesive disposable electrodes suitable for GSR can be found here.

Triple Geltrode (Triode /Tripletrode)

Adhesive round pad (2.75" diameter) with 3  Ag/AgCl electrode-contacts with press-stud (suitable for Thought Technology EMG sensor or snap leads needed). Pregelled, for single use. Suitable for EMG and ECG. Packed in sealed bags of 20 pcs

Price per bag: EUR 12,50  
Order number: 3ST3-P


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