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Multi-Modal Markers for Radiology

MarkerThese markers have been designed to work with different image modalities, such as MRI, CT and PET. They show up as clear and exact reference points in the scan. The donut-shaped hydro gel disks are closed with a plastic layer. Then comes a paper layer with a self-adhesive side. This allows the markers to be attached easily.

The markers are non-sterile. The markers are 15 mm in diameter and have a thickness of 3.5 mm.

Itemnr Description   Price Qty
MM3002 With hole in the middle with a diameter of 5 mm and a opening of 2 mm through plastic and paper. This allow for sticking a needle through the marker. 100/pkg
Can be used for image guided surgery
MM3003 With a hole in the middle that has been closed with a self-sealing layer of plastic so that a space has been created in which fluids can be injected with a standard needle. This could be a radionuclide substance, to be injected immediately before an investigation. This would make the marker show up in PET studies. 50/pkg (for Nuclear Medicine & PET Imaging) 140,00
MM3005 for CT, MRI, X-Ray, or Mammography, Angiography, 50/pkg 125,00
MM3006 for Radiation Therapy Simulation (X-Ray, CT or MRI), 50/pkg 125,00



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