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NuPrep prepping gel from WeaverNuprepWeaver
Skin Preparation: Nuprep gel is useful whenever a reduction of skin impedance would enhance a test result. In convenient 4 Oz tube.Set of 3 tubes

Itemnr 10-30
Price per set (3 Tubes): EUR 27,00

Everi abrasive pasteEveri
Everi Abrasive and Conductive Skin Preparation: Bottle of 160 gram

Itemnr Everi
Price per bottle: EUR 6,80


Ten 20Ten20 Conductive Paste from WeaverWeaver
Conductive Paste by Weaver. White, opaque, water-soluble adhesive paste designed to be used with EEG cup electrodes. Packs of 3 pcs.

  Itemnr Description Price
10-20-4 Ten 20, Jar with 4 Oz (114 gram), 3/pkg 18,00
10-20-4T Ten 20,  Tube with 4 Oz. , 3/pkg 18,00
10-20-8 Ten 20, Jar with 8 Oz, 3/pkg 34,50

EC2, Grass (Natus) Electrode Cream
EC2 cream van Grass Developed and produced by Grass. EC2 combines the right conductivity, stickiness and liquidity for precision recordings. It is checked for its physical and chemical properties, from production to packaging. This insures you uniform properties and quality. The tube is designed to directly apply the crème to the desired location and can easily be removed with water and soap..

Qty Itemnr Description Price
EC2 Box with 10 tubes 85,00 

LIC2, Low Impedance Cream
LIC2 Low impedance electrode cream, alternative for Collodion and EC2 Designed for long term EEG investigations. Alternative for Collodion and EC2

Qty Itemnr Description Price
LIC2 Box with 10 tubes 75,00 

TD-246 GSR Skin Conductance pasteTD-246, Skin Condctance Electrode Paste
Specially designed for skin conductance and resistance measurements (SR /SC/ GSR). 0.5% saline in neutral base (isotonic)

ordernr: TD-246
Price per bottle (4 Oz.): EUR 17,50 
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One Step Cleargel

OneStep Cleargel is a conductive gel which improves test results. Due to a new composition compared to other conductive Gels OneStep Cleargel offers a unique texture for best conductivity. OneStep Cleargel is well suited for use with EEG caps, surface cup electrodes and ECG and EMG electrode applications.

  Ordernr Description Price
10.300 One Step Cleargel 500gr. 11,80
10.301 One Step Cleargel, 1000 gr. 22,90
10.303 One Step Clearel, 4000 gr. 79,80

ECI Electrogel

ECI Electrogel Electrocap (ECI) Elektrodengel

Electrode gel to inject into the electrodes of, for instance, the Electrocap 

  Order number Packaging Price
E9 Electrogel, Jar, 480 gr. 12,40
E10 Electrogel, Jar, 960 gr.  24,80
E11 Electrogel, Jar, 3780 gr. 81,80


Easycap gels  
Qty Ordernr. Description Price EUR 
V14 Lectron-II Cloride freeelectrolyte gel, tube with 250 gram, hypo-allergenic 15,00
V17 Abralyt 2000: Electrolyte gel  and skin prep in one (1000 gram) Recommended by EasyCap, saltfree 59,00
V19 Abralyt HiCl: Electrolyte gel eand skin prep in one (1000 gram), with salt (for DC recordings) 59,00
  V16 Supervisc, extra thick gel, recommended for active electrodes, 1000 gram 59,00
  V16-500 Supervisc, extra thick gel, recommended for active electrodes, 500 gram 31,00
  V16-S Supervisc, extra thick gel, recommended for active electrodes, 250 gram 17,00
V92 Sekusept Plus, bottle of 2000ml desinfectant, suitable for caps and electrodes 75,00

OneStep Electrode Gel 

Electrode-gel and skin prep in one. Degreases, abrades the skin and makes a conductive contact. Skin friendly, odorless. Removable with water, or after drying, you can brush it out of the hair with a comb. Contains no grease or alcohol. Suitable for both routine-eeg, evoked potentials and long term monitoring. Viscous, does not run out.

  Order number Verpakking Prijs
10.100 OneStep EEG Gel, bottle 120gr. 8,50
10.200 OneStep EEG-Gel, AbrasivPlus. More viscous, stronger abrasive effect. For skin with thicker corneous layer or inensive perspiration. Bottle, 120 gr. 8,50

Signa Cream
Highly conductive cream, by Parker Laboratories, 5 Oz bottle (150 grams).

Itemnr X10-104
Price per bottle: EUR 4,00,-
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Spectra Gel
Salt-free and chloride-free electrode gel

  Itemnr Description Price
X31-604 Spectra Gel, 60 gram tube 2,75
X31-204 Spectra Gel, 250 gram tube 4,00

Signa GelSigna Gel
Multi-purpose saline electrode EMG gel

  Itemnr Description Price
X32-604 Signa Gel, 60 gram tube 2,90
X32-204 Signa Gel, 250 gram tube 3,95
conductive gel, 260 gram bottle.
Price per bottle: EUR 2,50 
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Collodion & Remover

  Itemnr Description Price
MD0014-S Collodion heavy Duty (high viscosity), 15 ml tube 7,50
MD0014-L Collodion heavy Duty (high viscosity), 60 ml tube 15,00
MD0014-L10 Collodion heavy Duty, Sealbag with 10 x 60 ml tube 100,00  
MD24-P Medical Adhsive Remover (for Collodion and other adhesives), acetone free, 0,5 liter 19,50

WARNING: Special shipping charges may apply for Collodion. We will contact you about this.

Prep pads

  Itemnumber Description Price
95000016 Prep Pad, Alcohol with Pumice, 100/box 13,00
95000013 Prep Pad, Alcohol, 200/box 8,00
95000011 Prep Pad, adhesive remover, 100/box 8,00
95000025 Prep Pad Gauze, 2"x2", non sterile, 200 pcs 6,00
95000026 Prep Pad Gauze, 4"x4", non sterile, 200 pcs 13,00

Syringes & Needles

The syringes and blunt needles are used to inject conductive gel in the cup electrodes. 

  itemnumber Description Price
Q97-x02 Set of 3 syringes 2,75
Syringe Box with 100 syringes,  10 cc, luer lok
(other sizes or luer type on request)
MJ412 Monoject 412, curved tip syringe, 50/box  35,00
Q97-802 Set of 3 blunt needles 5,00
Q98-808 Set of 25 blunt needles (16gauge x 38.1 mm), sterile,single use 12,00
JG161.5 Set of 25 disposable blunt needles (16G x 1.5") NON STERILE, Luer Lock 7,50
JG150.5 Set of 25 dispensing tips, blunt (15G x 0.5") NON STERILE, Luer Lock 7,50
E8B Box with 100 blunt needles, (16G x 3/4")  as used by Electrocap International (ECI), sterile 87,45

Dubbelzijdige plakringenDouble sided adhesive rings 

Double sided adhesive rings for the fixation of Electrodes. Each rol has 500 rings.

  Itemnr Description Price
Z85-10x Adhesive rings (rol with 500 rings)  30,00
E25 V-shaped pads (Electrocap), adhesive, 100/pkg 23,75


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