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Electro-Cap International, Inc.Electrocap

The electrode cap from ElectroCap International (ECI) is the original cap and has been around for decades. The system has proven itself extensively in practice.


Description Price EUR 
Electrocap, 10./20 system 275,65 
Add: in cap built-in reference-electrode (price per cap)
Position:    Connected to:
(surcharge: only in combination with electrocap)

Also caps available for Neonates (from 22 cm headcircumference). Ask us!


System-sets have everything to start immediately, caps and accessories like gels, straps, cleaner.

Description Price EUR   
Electrocap, system I, with 1 cap and accessories 510,00
Electrocap, system II with 2 caps and accessories  825,00 electrocap  systeem 2
Electrocap, System III with 4 caps and accessories 1470,00


Electrocap parts
Qty Ordernr Description Price EUR 
E2-T Electrode Board Adapter, from Cap to Touch Proof Connectors  126,00
E-2-22 Electrode Board Adapter with T1 and T2 134,00
E3 Chestbelt, size: 34,65
E4-T Quick-Insert electrode (touch proof connector) 10,50
E5 Ear electrode, 1 pair (touch proof connector) 26,25
E6 Foamrings 23,75
E12 Colorcoded measuringtape (for headcircumference) 15,35
E16 Ivory cleaningfluid, 709 ml 7,40

For ECI Gel, look here

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