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Disposable electrodes for Neurofeedback, EEG, EMG, GSR, ECG


Ringtrode made by MBSRingtrode. An Ag/AgCl snap-on sensor with a blue ring around it. Can be used for ECG and EEG. Available pre-gelled or without gel. Disposable. (limited re-usable)

Qty Ordernumber Packaging Price
2RT3 Set of 50 Ringtrodes and 100 hydrogel pads (hypoallergenic) 30,00
NET3 Ringtrode with pregelled sponge for good conductivity. Intended for EEG and neurofeedback  60 electrodes/set (2 electrodes per foil pouch, 30 pouches).  34,00
BQEL1 Ringtrode without gel. As used by Brainquiry equipment. Use for instance with Ten20 Paste. Set of 10 pcs. 5,00
BQEC1 Earclip, fits ringtrode and snap cable, per piece. 12,95

BQEL1: earclip for ringtrode


triode or triple geltrode, for EMG, ECGTriodes: Also known as Triple Geltrode. Three Ag/AgCl Snap-on sensors in one foam disk Available pregelled and without Gel. Suitable for ECG and EMG. Fits also Myoscan Pro from Thought Technology

Qty Ordernumber Packaging Price
3ST3 Set of 100 Triodes, dry. 55,00
3ST3-P Set of 20 Triodes, Pregelled  12,50

Self-adhesive electrodes. All electrodes are Ag/AgCl. All electrodes without leadwire have a snap-on connector.

Qty Ordernumber Packaging Price
3SG3-N Set of 150 solid gel electrodes "EasyTrode", non-woven (fabric), for ECG  44,41
DBF3D77 clear tape ecg electrdoesSet of 150 clear tape round electrodes. Small diameter. Suitable for ECG, biofeedback, GSR. Waterproof. Good alternative for H124SG 36,60
3BF3 Set of 2x(3 x 50) self-adhesive electrodes WITHOUT gel. This enables you to use your own gel. Suitable for many appications, including Biofeedback. Electrodes come in strips of 3, but can be separated from each other 75,00
2DT2 DualtrodeDualtrodes, 72 pre-gelled pads 46,20
3PT3 Small ECG Electrodes "SOFTrode" with leadwire. Suitable for children and tight spaces. 
Shape: . Set of 75 pregelled electrodes (3 x 25). Touch proof connector

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