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EMG Needle Electrodes

Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrode "Silver line"

The latest needle from Technomed Europe, combines cost-effectiveness with excellent quality, both for the signal as well as patient comfort and  mechanical behaviour. Using the same cables as the "Pirouette" needles from Technomed, you can easilly switch over to this needle and start saving money without compromise.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Matching material properties of cannula and core wire for optimal signal quality and excellent noise reduction

  •  Machine sharpened Trocar tip

  •  Coaxial, orientation free gold plated connector

  •  The recording area indicator has been designed such that it facilitates easy ‘hands free’ disposal of the needle from the cable

  •  Changed cannula structure to reduce friction while inserting

  •  Optimized material flexibility to reduce patient discomfort during muscle contraction

  •  In combination with Technomed’s DCNE extension cable the needle shows minimal noise levels

  •  Color coded hub design compatible with market standard

  •  Available in 5 sizes

  •  Pre-printed pouch and box that underline the high quality

  •  New improved smaller box and pouch which require less shelf space

Packaging: 25 electrodes per box
Sterilization: EtO
Price per box:  EUR 85,00 each     

Itemnr. Length
Needle Diameter
mm (Gauge)
Recording area
Color Connector Qty.
B50600-001 25 0,30 (30) 0,021 Red
B50600-002 25 0,40 (27) 0,021 Yellow
B50600-006 30 0,30 (30) 0,021 Pink  
B50600-003 37 0,45 (26) 0,068 Green
B50600-004 50 0,45 (26) 0,068 Blue
B50600-005 75 0,60 (23) 0,068 Violet/purple


Reusable Concentric EMG Needles

Concentrische EMG NeedleenThe reusable concentric EMG needle electrodes features a platinum-iridium wire core located within a stainless steel cannula. The electrode head is designed as a sub-miniature coaxial plug, permitting quick connection that requires no orientation.  [Cables] [Sterilization Instructions]

Price EUR 53,00 

Itemnr. Length
mm (inches)
Needle Diameter
mm (Gauge)
Recording area
Color Connector Qty.
D12-301 20 (0,8) 0,40 (27) 0,021 Red
D125-101 25 (1,0) 0,30 (30) 0,021 Yellow
D13-301 30 (1,2) 0,40 (27) 0,021 White
D14-501 40 (1,6) 0,50 (25) 0,068 Green
D15-301 50 (2,0) 0,45 (26) 0,068 Brown
D16-601 60 (2,4) 0,60 (26) 0,068 Blue


Single-Fiber EMG Needle Electrode

A platinum recording surface is presented through a side port opposite to the cutting edge bevel, 5.0 mm (0.2") from the needle tip. The position of the recording electrode is indicated by a white dot on the needle hub. The core of teh electrode has a diameter of 25 µm.  [Cables][Sterilization Instructions]

Price EUR 248,00

Itemnr. Length
mm (inches)
Needle Diameter
mm (Gauge)
D225-301 25 (1.0) 0,40 (27) Brown
D24-401 40 (1,6) 0,45 (26) Black



Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes (Aiglette)

Monopolaire EMG NeedleenThese disposable monopolar needle electrodes of stainless steel are PTFE Polymer coated. The needle point is conically sharpened. The exposed needle tip serves as the recording area. 
The 0.75 meter wire terminates in a safety DIN 42 802 (touch proof) connector on the AP (Prewired) models. The models without wire (AD=detachable) can be combined with reusable cables D54-551 or D34-231, which can be found here.

Monopolaire EMG Needle Electrode

Packaging 25 Pieces per box
Sterilization: EtO
Price per box: EUR 80,00

Ordernr. Length
mm (Gauge)
Type QTY
Ax2535-335 25 0,35 (28) Red
Ax2545-335 25 0,45 (26) Yellow
Ax3735-335 37 0,35 (28) Orange  
Ax3745-335 37 0,45 (26) Green
Ax5045-335 50 0,45 (26) Blue
Ax7545-335 75 0,45 (26) Violet

Hypodermic (Botox) EMG Needles (Single Patient Use)

These Aiglette™ needles have been specially made for the simultaneous injection of Botulinum Toxin or other medication and the registration of the EMG signal or delivering an electrical stimulus. The needle, which is available in 6 sizes, has the following properties:

  • Easy skin penetration
  • Minimal discomfort for the patient
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Comfortable grip
  • Leakage free, secure slip-tip and Luer-Lok syringe connection
  • Minimum of dead volume of the medication

The needle is made of medical grade stainless steel with an ultra-smooth coating and shapened with micro-precision. The facet bevel point guarantees several injections without any deterioration of the quality. The cable has a length of 75cm and terminates in a 1.5mm female DIN42802 connector. The needles are individually packed (sterile) and are delivered in boxes of 10 pcs.

Packing: 10 electrodes per box
Sterilization: EtO
Price per box:  EUR 125,00

See also Myoguide, the hand-EMG system to get your medication at the right spot

Itemnr. Length
Needle Diameter
mm (Gauge)
Color Cable Qty
L2530-335 25 0,30 (30) Red
L2540-335 25 0,40 (27) Yellow
L3740-335 37 0,40 (27) Orange
L3745-335 37 0.45 (26) Green
L5050-335 50 0,50 (25) Blue
L7570-335 75 0,70 (22) Violet  


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