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ECG Electroden


Neonatale ECG Electrodes, click here. For disposable electrodes for Neurofeedback, ECG, EMG, EEG see also here.

Long term monitoring

All electrodes have an Ag/AgCl sensor of the highest quality and a push button. These electrodes us a solid gel which is an excellent adhesive and conducts perfectly. The electrodes with a code that starts with H use a new gel which sticks faster to the skin and reduces the skin-impedance even further.

Qty Ordernr. Description Size
#/pkg   Price
H92SG ECG Electrode, Foam, oval, easy to apply 48x34 50 5.75
H98SG ECG Electrode, Micropore, round Ø60 30 4.50
H99SG ECG Electrode, Non-woven, round Ø55 30 4.50
  MT200 Medi-Trace 200 ECG electrode Ø35 100 8.95
H135SG ECG Electrode, foam Ø35 50 5.75
H135T As H135SG, but with  Röntenpermeable pushbutton, for use in MRI, CT etc. Ø35 50 8.50
H124SG ECG Electrode, foam Ø24 50 5.75
H59P ECG Electrode, Non-woven 35x22 30 12.50
H93SG ECG Electrode 35x26 50 5.75
MT-mini Medi-Trace Mini ECG Electrode   100 8.9
MT133 MediTrace 133   200x3 95.00

Multifunctional ECG Electrodes

These electrodes have an Ag/AgCl sensor and a röntgenpermeable carbonconnector. With extra strong glue these electrodes are recommended for stress and holterregistrations.

Qty Ordernr Description Size
#/pkg   Price
H34SG ECG Elektrode, Foam material, skinprep, tested for 72 hour of use. wash- and showerresistant.. Ø45 30 5,35

Stresstest and Holtermonitoring

Ag/AgCl Sensor, pushbuttonadapter

Qty Ordernr. Description Size
#/pkg   Price
H91SG ECG Electrode, foam, oval, sticky edge specially designed for stresstest ECG 57x34 50 9.50
H71SG ECG Electrode, with cable fixation, specially for Holter ECG 52x58 30 6.40
MT530 ECG Electrode, MediTrace 530 30 5.05

Short-Term Monitoring (up to 24 hours)

Liquid Gel electrodes discriminate themselves by a low skin-impedance and are ideal for emergency situations, like monitoring during defibrilation. Also suitable for stress-test and other short-term monitoring situations. Excellent skin-contact. No preparation needed.

Qty Ordernr. Description Size
#/pkg   Price
H66LG ECG Electrode, foam Ø55 30 5.00
H98LG ECG Electrode, micropore Ø60 30 6.35
H99LG ECG Electrode, Non-woven Ø55 30 5.75





Snapleads for ECG electrodes. Packages per 5 pieces, with wires in different colors. Standard cable length is 1.5 m/ DIN42802 connector

Price per set: EUR 39.50
Ordernr: Z93-x31


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